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Bob Ciminera
Chief Executive Officer
- Bob Ciminera Bio -

Grant Buist
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
- Grant Buist Bio -

Don Soucy
Executive Vice President, Chief Growth Officer Enterprise Sales and Services
- Don Soucy Bio -

Mike Chandler
Sr. Vice President of Global Hardware Operations and Engineering
- Mike Chandler Bio -

Tobias Winnes
Sr. Vice President of Global Assistive Technology Sales and Marketing
- Tobias Winnes Bio -

Matt Ater
Vice President of Business Development
- Matt Ater Bio -

Alice Barriciello
Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer
- Alice Barriciello Bio -

Sarah Fewtrell
Vice President, Solutions Delivery
- Sarah Fewtrell Bio -

Ryan Jones
Vice President of Software Product Management
- Ryan Jones Bio -

David O’Neill
Technical Fellow
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